What is a friend

14 May

To me a friend is someone that you

can trust and will be there for you

in the good and the hard times.

A friend who will listen to you and

who can expect to be listened too.

A friend who will respect your choices,

support you, and won’t try to change you.

A friend who will appreciate you, the way

you are.  A friend you will tell you the truth even

if it’s not the nicest thing. A friend who will be honest

with you.

Thats the kind of friend I want to get

 and that I wish

to be.


One Response to “What is a friend”

  1. Tom Ponting December 29, 2009 at 3:45 am #

    A friend is you share your thoughts, happiness, sad, worries and secret with each other. She/He will always be there when you need her/him. As long as you wish to share your happiness/sorrow. They will always support and give you a listening ear and assistance.

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