How to Win Friends and Influence People

12 Aug

This is probably a book that everyone should own,

It was written in 1936 and it’s the grand father of the self help books

First the book is about how to handle people

you shoudn’t complain ,criticize or condemn, them

you should always give a sincere appreciation and arouse  in

the other person an eager want then you can read bout

six ways how to make people like you.

Become genuinely interested in other people,

smile, rememeber a person name are some of

the ways to make people like you

In the book you

can also read to how to win people to your way of thinking

and you can also read in how you can become a leader.

I don’t agree with the whole book but this book help me

and I know that I should stop complain and listen more

the people around me.

I will read and read again this book


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