Post-Grad : first month ; may 2011

7 Jun

In may, I tried to enjoy my free time. I learned new ways to put makeup, I started a diet, I did a huge cleaning of my bedroom, I learned to cook some meals.

As for a job. On May 2, I got an interview to be a secretary in a huge international company. The office was downtown, and it was a really fancy office. My resume was given by one of my friends without consulting me. So I went to the interview, I was offer to go to the second interview. It was a year contract to do stuff like make call reservation, filling and more administrative work that I did during my internship.  I refused it. Sometimes I do regret it, but I wanted to take a chance.

Then I went to a staff agency. They told me that I was a good candidate and bla bla bla, that I would get some calls and that they will try to find me sonething. Haven’t heard from them.

Then I finaly got a real interview in a job that I wanted. I didn’t get it. The person in charge told me that he would call every candidate, I never got a call.

So In May, I learned that I will call back and we will keep in touch is most of the time not true. So I call people back but sometimes they don’t even call you back when you leave a message.


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