My graduation

20 Jun

My graduation was last Tuesday, we were about 330 graduates. It was really exciting. My parents seemed happy and my dad couldn’t stop to take pictures it was almost embarrassing but others dads took a lot of pictures too. My mom cried when she saw me. For her it was really important. 

I won’t lie the celebration was really long. It took 2h30 but I stayed until the end, and I was so mad that some people would leave before the end. It was a lack of respect. Well finally it was my time to go on the stage and I was so nervous. You know I was wearing heels. Before I was called, my legs were shaking so hard. I finally went up and I received the diploma.

When I returned to my place, i was anxious to open the box, because I heard that in others schools they only give a paper saying that you received your diploma but they send it by the mail. I opened the box and my diploma was there, I was so happy.

At the end, everybody went to the main hall to eat and to drink a little bit. I went to bed at 1a.m. but it was worth it, I’m officially a college graduate


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