Post-Grad : June 1-17, 2011

20 Jun

So 85 resume later and still no job. The first 3 weeks of the months were kinda quiet. First I got an email with a job opportunity and I called. It was sent to me with my name on it so I thought that I had the experience to be a potential candidate. At the end,  I received an email saying that there was a mistake and that I wasn’t the kind of candidate they were looking for.

I also got a phone interview for a job in a huge law firm, I was so excited only to receive the call and of course I didn’t have experience so they didn’t ask me to go for an interview.

I was also called to be a financial advisor. Since I want to work in management and I’m not good at finance, I said no.

I also took an exam to work for the government. I will know in late summer if I did pass the exam. If the result is positive, I will be on a list and maybe someday I will be call for an interview.

Finally, I went to my first happy hour ever. It was at a nice place in the big city. Nothing came out of it, but it was overall a good experience, I’m happy I went there.



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