C job interview

29 Jun

Yesterday, I went to my dream company interview. It was at 10 o’clock. I was wearing my beautiful summer kit. I also wore heels. I always take my heels and another pair of shoes since I can’t walk too much with heels.

So I went to the 15 th floor of the tall glass-made building and the office was really nice. So during the interview, the girl didn’t have too much reaction. She was asking the questions and answering excellent, ok ok ok ok ok. In my last interviews, there was so much interaction, yesterday it was almost scary. I don’t think the girl had any interest in me. She was asking questions like : you have a client who call you at 3p.m. on friday and need a new person on monday, what do you do ?. I never was in that kind of situation before so I gave the best answer that came to my mind.

The girl who did my interview never told me about the job neither the company, she was just asking the questions. In my other interviews, the first thing the person explained to me was the job and the company.

So 30 min after the interview began, that were shit did hit the fan. The fire alarm started, it was an exercise. I mean how luck am I that the fire exercise of the year start at the same time as my interview….NOT

So she said okay, you have to follow me. So we went out the building, walking through the fifteen floors. While we were in the stairs, a men was playing with his blackberry. I wanted to tell him ; wow if this was a real fire, we would burn because of your stupid phone..asshole. Going down through the stairs was so hard for me since I have a disability called hemiplegia. If I had my running shoes, walking the fifteen floors would have been easy, but with heels, it was awful.

So we finally made it down the building and the girl introduced me to the team that she works with.  In the team, there was this girl A. I went to college with her. I was always sitting in the front and she was in the back. She is a really smart girl, she received a scholarship to do her master.She always got excellent grades and was most of the time leaving all the classes during the break. Most of the time, when the teacher would ask of we had any questions, I would ask the questions that even my straight-A friends couldn’t answer. A and her friends were most of the time laughing, saying that we are wasting time and making sounds of frustration.

Yesterday when I saw her, I said to her : Hi A, how are you doing, before she could have say anything to me. So 5 minutes after we were on the street, the girl of the interview told me, well you can leave now, I will call all candidates next week. I was like WTF, we don’t finish the interview ? So I asked her when the job would start and the schedule. I said thank you to her, looking forward to hear from you, and said goodbye to A and the others.

I’m just really sad that It all went wrong. That’s life and I have to move on.

The other interview that I went on thursday, well they told me that I was a nice person but I didn’t have a lot of experience, so It’s a no. It was a 3 moths contract, close to my house, and it was a secretary/recruitment job which I would have love.


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  1. C’est poche. Tu vas voir, ça va aller mieux. Mais, je te recommande le Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi. Ça a marché pour mon chum et pour moi.

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