Post-Grad stats

14 Jul

21 : my age, I’ll be 22 in a few weeks

20 : april 20, I sent my resume to the first job I really wanted

3 : Number of diplomas that I own : high school, pre-college, and university

16 : number of years that I went to school

98 : number of resume that I sent

5 : number of interviews that I had

7 : number of agencies that I went to : ( Drake, Drakkar, Randstad, Adecco, Emploi-Quebec, Bédard, Carrefour  jeunesse emploi)

1: number of government exam that I did.

What I learned : You don’t have experience, you won’t be hire. You go to the groceries store or the drug store and they won’t hire you, because you will leave when you will get something better. Yeah, I went at the IGA and she said that I had way too much school years to wok there. The drug store told me that I would leave as soon as I can. Also when you go at an interview, they will tell you that they will call all the candidates. NO

Also on linkedIn, you will see a lot of person that might have study in politics and now work in hr, or a girl who was a receptionist, doesn’t have a degree and she is now a human resources director.

Summer isn’t a dead period, there are 52 jobs in the big city right now, they all ask for a lot of experience, but I still send my resume.


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