the hope for a job

14 Aug

About 3 weeks ago, I went to an interview for a really cool job. I really wanted the job. It was a permanent job and they were paying the train pass. So I went there and got home where the agency called me telling that they loved me a lot. I was the top choice and there was another interview with another person but I was the top choice.

Later in the week, I received a call that they wanted to meet again for a short interview. I would meet the boss. I was told that I was the candidate to be pick and they were taking another candidate only to show a comparison but it was the last step before getting hired.

So for the second time, I went there and the person for the interview came 40 minutes late that even the other candidate was already waiting for his interview after mine. So I went to the interview and it did last 10 minutes. They told me that I would receive the answer the next morning.

I received the call 3 days later after having left a voice message. They told me that the other guy was taken because he was more fluent and english and had more experience.

So now I don’t trust anyone even if they tell me that I’m the best candidate of the world. When I will go to my first day of work, I will believe that I have a job


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