Job hunting part ???

24 Aug

Okay so since my main concern in my life right now is to have money to eat, I decided that I would be looking for a part-time so I could still go at my hr interviews. So I sent to my resume to groceries store, home depot walmart, and all that kind of places. Only one called me ; The Best western to be a receptionist. I went to the interview, I was so happy.

So when I get there, I asked for the guy, and the first thing he say to me, oh hi, whats your name ? and he started to search for my resume…Then he never looked at me in the eyes, never asked me questions about me and he was complaining about the hotel hahahaha. So I asked him a few more questions and he said that he would call me back. I told him that I wanted to work there because I might go back to school. That’s a complete lie, but I won’t get a job if I say : well I just take your shitty job so I can pay the bills and when I will find something better, I will leave.

So he called me back and told me that he didn’t pick me because the hr women wanted to pick the other candidate but he will keep my resume. It was a voice mail message so I think that the real reason is that the lazy in hr probably saw my college degree and might be scare that I want her place someday.

Then at AON, the guy was on the attack mood ; He was nearly making me feel bad because I’m living outside of the big city asking me an idiot question like Wow you arrived this morning for the interview ? You left your house this morning ? and he was damn serious and not joking. Then after he was telling me I was misspelling some word In french I said : Donc il s’agit d’une embauche massive comme lorsqu’on embauche les hôtesse de l’air au Hyatt. He said : C’EST PAS DES HÔTESSE DE L’AIR C’EST DES AGENTS DE BORD. Like I used the word Sky waitress instead of flight attendant. In french we use both words, but one of the 2 is a slang I guess.

Then the last part was where he said : Here a tip for the next interview : When you said that working at welfare gave you a great training. Don’t say that because we don’t know if you have been on welfare or if you worked there ? I was like wtf. Even if I had been on welfare in the past, that’s not a crime, most of the people don’t choose to be on welfare, it’s the last place where they can get food.

I think that my problem right is that I don’t have enough experience for a job in hr and my bachelor degree doesn’t help me to get a low paying job because they know that I will leave when I can. But I mean, what can I do ? remove everything on my resume ? What will I say when they will ask me what i have done in the last 2 years ?

I don’t think I’m the problem, because I nearly got a job as an hr coordinator, full time 40k, It was between me and another candidate. I take it as a positive experience because  I nearly got the job, I didn’t suck too much. On the resume that I sent I think that 20 on 115 were for job asking for a 1 years experience. So that don’t give me a lot of chances.

But what am I suppose to do ?? I won’t get a job neither at the grocery store or neither in hr ?? I guess I will continue to wait but I damn need 260 $ each 2 weeks + all my expenses.

I have my health and a house, I thank life for that



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