Your damn opinion

24 Aug

All the bad attitudes that I have about myself, the way that I hate myself, the feeling that I don’t deserve a guy, the guilt of being without friends, well I didn’t come from my mouth at first.

I have heard all my life : You are too fat, your skin doesn’t look good, you didn’t pick a real career, I don’t like your style, you are a spoiled girl, you don’t have friends because you may not act nice, your teeth are straight and more more more more.

Only since friday, my supposed friend D, told me that time goes fast and that being 22 and alone, I shouldn’t be picky when I choose a boyfriend and go out with the first coming.

My supposed friend E, told me that I must act like a monkey during interviews, because I don’t get a job

My dad told me that I’m  should forget my field and find another job.

My mom told me that I should lose weight.

How lovely…………….

Right now everyone is stressing me about the job. You don’t take a contract, you don’t take a small salary, you should do this you should that, how come no one hire you blablabla. I’m looking for contract, I was ready to take a 3 weeks contract and earn 12 $ an hour. I didn’t get the job.

Everytime, I get an excuse for not having a job, they tell me  that I have a great personality but no experience.


One Response to “Your damn opinion”

  1. Terry Elisabeth @ Québécoise et bilingueT September 1, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    Décourage-toi pas pis envoie suer le monde…incluant moi. 🙂

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