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The shoes store

23 Sep

On september 15, I had an interview for a low salary job at a shoe’s store. I went there and the lady never shook my hand, greeted me in an informal way. So she just ask why I left the grocery store job that I had 4 years ago. Then she said that in october and november, people don’t come to the mall. She said that she couldn’t give me more than 10 hours a week. I was like okay, 10 hours a week when I have to pay 520 $ to my mom and the bus pass cost 70 $. So she said that I needed to be available 7 days a week and the job would start on October 3. She said that she would call me on September 26. The interview was 10 min long.

I left and cried silently in the public bathroom. Then came back home and went to bed.


Job hunting part ???

24 Aug

Okay so since my main concern in my life right now is to have money to eat, I decided that I would be looking for a part-time so I could still go at my hr interviews. So I sent to my resume to groceries store, home depot walmart, and all that kind of places. Only one called me ; The Best western to be a receptionist. I went to the interview, I was so happy.

So when I get there, I asked for the guy, and the first thing he say to me, oh hi, whats your name ? and he started to search for my resume…Then he never looked at me in the eyes, never asked me questions about me and he was complaining about the hotel hahahaha. So I asked him a few more questions and he said that he would call me back. I told him that I wanted to work there because I might go back to school. That’s a complete lie, but I won’t get a job if I say : well I just take your shitty job so I can pay the bills and when I will find something better, I will leave.

So he called me back and told me that he didn’t pick me because the hr women wanted to pick the other candidate but he will keep my resume. It was a voice mail message so I think that the real reason is that the lazy in hr probably saw my college degree and might be scare that I want her place someday.

Then at AON, the guy was on the attack mood ; He was nearly making me feel bad because I’m living outside of the big city asking me an idiot question like Wow you arrived this morning for the interview ? You left your house this morning ? and he was damn serious and not joking. Then after he was telling me I was misspelling some word In french I said : Donc il s’agit d’une embauche massive comme lorsqu’on embauche les hôtesse de l’air au Hyatt. He said : C’EST PAS DES HÔTESSE DE L’AIR C’EST DES AGENTS DE BORD. Like I used the word Sky waitress instead of flight attendant. In french we use both words, but one of the 2 is a slang I guess.

Then the last part was where he said : Here a tip for the next interview : When you said that working at welfare gave you a great training. Don’t say that because we don’t know if you have been on welfare or if you worked there ? I was like wtf. Even if I had been on welfare in the past, that’s not a crime, most of the people don’t choose to be on welfare, it’s the last place where they can get food.

I think that my problem right is that I don’t have enough experience for a job in hr and my bachelor degree doesn’t help me to get a low paying job because they know that I will leave when I can. But I mean, what can I do ? remove everything on my resume ? What will I say when they will ask me what i have done in the last 2 years ?

I don’t think I’m the problem, because I nearly got a job as an hr coordinator, full time 40k, It was between me and another candidate. I take it as a positive experience because  I nearly got the job, I didn’t suck too much. On the resume that I sent I think that 20 on 115 were for job asking for a 1 years experience. So that don’t give me a lot of chances.

But what am I suppose to do ?? I won’t get a job neither at the grocery store or neither in hr ?? I guess I will continue to wait but I damn need 260 $ each 2 weeks + all my expenses.

I have my health and a house, I thank life for that


If you are going through hell, keep going

14 Aug

That’s a Churchill Quote that is probably saving me..

The last time I wrote here, I said that I would get through this and there was something worst but that’s just really hard. So I decided to write everything that make me sad or mad.

My Dad : He is so living in another world, he don’t give me anything and he wants to control me. He is calling me 4 times a day to ask me if I have a job. He wants me to hang out with his girlfriend and keep saying that he is not happy that I’m having debts since I have no school debts. He said that he wants me to get a job before he leaves because he will feel bad if he goes on vacations and I’m here left without a job. 

Job : I don’t have a job and I’m tired of staying at home. I’m looking everywhere and making a hundred of calls. I’m just tired of people telling me to get a job in another field and move on. I studied in human resources. Isn’t normal that I want to work in the field ?

My dog : He ate a bone a month ago and everything was fine. Then on august 1st he started to have diarrhea. I just hope he will be okay, we tried 2 different pills, a new food. I have spent 160 $ and I hope he will get better so we don’t have to operate him. I don’t have a lot of money, and I’m worried to see him like that.

Money : Well money is my main concern. I’m trying really hard to get a job on weekends so I can have money to survive but no one is calling. I applied at groceries store and at various places at the mall. I’m have now a loan of 5000 $ and I hope that I won’t have to use it all. It’s the first time that I’m really poor and that money is only used to pay my food, my transportation and my basic stuff. My mom is doing what she can, she don’t earn a lot and I can’t blame her. She was a housewife like many ladies in the world. When my father left she couldn’t get a really high paying job. Her salary is enough to pay her car, food and house. Shes does my lunch and she come to pick me up at the train station so I don’t have to pay a bus ticket. She let me take her car without paying gas. I have to pay 260 $ each 2 weeks to pay my food, my car insurance, my dog food, and all the cable-cellphone and internet that I use. My dad was giving me this money before. Tv is my only distraction and I need internet to get a job, so I won’t cut it soon. It’s the first time in my life that I’m in debt and it’s hard to not use money to buy stuff that I like or just to go out. A lot of people tell me ; who cares that you don’t have a job, your mom is there to help you. I just answer yes since I don’t want to tell my whole story.  5000 $ is not a lot, but for me it is when I never had debts in my life. I thought that I had been through enough hard things in the last 21 years that It was the time for better things. I wasn’t meant to be.

But I have my health, well partially since I have been dealing with some health issues in the last week but still I’m overall healthy and tomorrow might be a better day. I’m happy to be living in Canada and not in Somalia. I have a bedroom and a computer and I’m not homeless.

the hope for a job

14 Aug

About 3 weeks ago, I went to an interview for a really cool job. I really wanted the job. It was a permanent job and they were paying the train pass. So I went there and got home where the agency called me telling that they loved me a lot. I was the top choice and there was another interview with another person but I was the top choice.

Later in the week, I received a call that they wanted to meet again for a short interview. I would meet the boss. I was told that I was the candidate to be pick and they were taking another candidate only to show a comparison but it was the last step before getting hired.

So for the second time, I went there and the person for the interview came 40 minutes late that even the other candidate was already waiting for his interview after mine. So I went to the interview and it did last 10 minutes. They told me that I would receive the answer the next morning.

I received the call 3 days later after having left a voice message. They told me that the other guy was taken because he was more fluent and english and had more experience.

So now I don’t trust anyone even if they tell me that I’m the best candidate of the world. When I will go to my first day of work, I will believe that I have a job

Being a couch potato

15 Jul

Almost 3 months have gone since my last day of school. Time goes so fast and honestly when I finished school, my goals were to become a positive person, get in shape, get a nice job, be a pro in excel and master the english language. Nothing of this happened. I think it’s a lack of motivation, and I don’t know why ? Well ok, I was near a burn out.. crying each night because I didn’t want to go to my shitty internship, I was so tired. I woke up and I was tired. I gained 11 pounds. From 115 to 126 lbs.

Well in the last weeks, I have watched Oprah until the end, I learned to cook and like it, I watched the Royal Wedding, watched the royal visit and made Kate Middleton my fashion guru, I’m back at 117lbs. I did a diet, I read a few books, read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of movies and tv shows. Always stuck to my computer and looking for jobs. I have to say I’m now getting tire of this lifestyle.

Post-Grad stats

14 Jul

21 : my age, I’ll be 22 in a few weeks

20 : april 20, I sent my resume to the first job I really wanted

3 : Number of diplomas that I own : high school, pre-college, and university

16 : number of years that I went to school

98 : number of resume that I sent

5 : number of interviews that I had

7 : number of agencies that I went to : ( Drake, Drakkar, Randstad, Adecco, Emploi-Quebec, Bédard, Carrefour  jeunesse emploi)

1: number of government exam that I did.

What I learned : You don’t have experience, you won’t be hire. You go to the groceries store or the drug store and they won’t hire you, because you will leave when you will get something better. Yeah, I went at the IGA and she said that I had way too much school years to wok there. The drug store told me that I would leave as soon as I can. Also when you go at an interview, they will tell you that they will call all the candidates. NO

Also on linkedIn, you will see a lot of person that might have study in politics and now work in hr, or a girl who was a receptionist, doesn’t have a degree and she is now a human resources director.

Summer isn’t a dead period, there are 52 jobs in the big city right now, they all ask for a lot of experience, but I still send my resume.

C job interview

29 Jun

Yesterday, I went to my dream company interview. It was at 10 o’clock. I was wearing my beautiful summer kit. I also wore heels. I always take my heels and another pair of shoes since I can’t walk too much with heels.

So I went to the 15 th floor of the tall glass-made building and the office was really nice. So during the interview, the girl didn’t have too much reaction. She was asking the questions and answering excellent, ok ok ok ok ok. In my last interviews, there was so much interaction, yesterday it was almost scary. I don’t think the girl had any interest in me. She was asking questions like : you have a client who call you at 3p.m. on friday and need a new person on monday, what do you do ?. I never was in that kind of situation before so I gave the best answer that came to my mind.

The girl who did my interview never told me about the job neither the company, she was just asking the questions. In my other interviews, the first thing the person explained to me was the job and the company.

So 30 min after the interview began, that were shit did hit the fan. The fire alarm started, it was an exercise. I mean how luck am I that the fire exercise of the year start at the same time as my interview….NOT

So she said okay, you have to follow me. So we went out the building, walking through the fifteen floors. While we were in the stairs, a men was playing with his blackberry. I wanted to tell him ; wow if this was a real fire, we would burn because of your stupid phone..asshole. Going down through the stairs was so hard for me since I have a disability called hemiplegia. If I had my running shoes, walking the fifteen floors would have been easy, but with heels, it was awful.

So we finally made it down the building and the girl introduced me to the team that she works with.  In the team, there was this girl A. I went to college with her. I was always sitting in the front and she was in the back. She is a really smart girl, she received a scholarship to do her master.She always got excellent grades and was most of the time leaving all the classes during the break. Most of the time, when the teacher would ask of we had any questions, I would ask the questions that even my straight-A friends couldn’t answer. A and her friends were most of the time laughing, saying that we are wasting time and making sounds of frustration.

Yesterday when I saw her, I said to her : Hi A, how are you doing, before she could have say anything to me. So 5 minutes after we were on the street, the girl of the interview told me, well you can leave now, I will call all candidates next week. I was like WTF, we don’t finish the interview ? So I asked her when the job would start and the schedule. I said thank you to her, looking forward to hear from you, and said goodbye to A and the others.

I’m just really sad that It all went wrong. That’s life and I have to move on.

The other interview that I went on thursday, well they told me that I was a nice person but I didn’t have a lot of experience, so It’s a no. It was a 3 moths contract, close to my house, and it was a secretary/recruitment job which I would have love.