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22 years old

14 Aug

Today I’m 22 years and 8 days.

I remember back in august 2008, I told myself that my birthday of august 2011 would be a blast. I would have graduate from college, probably starting my new job. I would probably celebrate with all my friends from college and maybe I would have a nice boyfriend.

I was so cute….

Last week, I cried on the eve on my birthday because I was kinda sad that all my dreams didn’t happen. On the day of my birthday, I spend the day at home watching tv and going to bed by 9h30 p.m.. I just had enough. When I think about it, I tell myself that I had great birthdays in the past. My mom’s family love to celebrate birthdays.  It’s a lot of fun, so I guess I just survived this year birthday and I’m not the first person who have spent a birthday without friends.