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A new chapter

18 May

I haven’t write anything in months

But something did change in my life.

I now own a bachelor’s degree at 21 years old and 9 months

Yep it took 3 years

no sleep, a lot of crying before the exam

5 hours a day of transportation, living with little money

16 pound gained

but I’m now a college graduate.

Tomorrow, it will be 1 month since I did my last exam.

1 month that i’m looking really hard for a job

what is the conclusion :

There are a lot of jobs in my field

but all jobs ask for 2 years of experience and more…

I have 4 months of experience.

If in august I don’t have a job, i will try to get a job as a secretary, because I

will need a financial support.

For now, I enjoy my free days at home 🙂