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The Joy of being a post-grad or how I was so naive

5 Jun

When I was depress and wanted to leave that college, I thought hey you are so gonna get a nice job in your field. All that money to waste or to save for something big. Weekends will be free, you can enjoy every moment without having to study. When I was at my shitty internship aka worst months of my life to this date, I was telling myself that I would graduate soon.

And then in March, I started to check for the job. It was never in my mind that I would be a senior manager earning 50 K in the first year. But It was in my mind that I could earn 37 K  working in the department as a junior. I mean I own a bachelor degree, 27 courses, an intership, I deserve a nice job no ? I didn’t graduate in dance.  I was so naive.

I’m now the expert in looking for jobs. LinkedIn, Monster, Workkopolis and more. Go directly to the company’s site. Sending and Sending resumes and cover letters. In one months, I did apply for 40 positions. I never thought I would be so depress after 5 years of post high school’s  hard work. It should the happiest time ever. 21 years old, college degree, freedom.

What I learned is that nobody want to  hire someone who doesn’t have experience. Its normal, but can I get a damn chance ? I’m so tired of being annoyed by some relatives who tell me to go work at the grocery store. I might have to end up as a secretary and I will never be happy about it and I will never pretend to be happy to go work. I did study to get a job that I like, but its not happening and I’m freaking out. If I don’t have a job by august 4th, I will have to go to the bank and ask for a loan. All the sacrifices that I made are going to the trash and It suck. I won’t have a financial support anymore and my mom is doing everything she can to help me but she can’t do it all.

Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself ; Today, something great will happen, someone will give you a chance. Its the same sentence since May 1st but tomorrow might be the right day.


A new chapter

18 May

I haven’t write anything in months

But something did change in my life.

I now own a bachelor’s degree at 21 years old and 9 months

Yep it took 3 years

no sleep, a lot of crying before the exam

5 hours a day of transportation, living with little money

16 pound gained

but I’m now a college graduate.

Tomorrow, it will be 1 month since I did my last exam.

1 month that i’m looking really hard for a job

what is the conclusion :

There are a lot of jobs in my field

but all jobs ask for 2 years of experience and more…

I have 4 months of experience.

If in august I don’t have a job, i will try to get a job as a secretary, because I

will need a financial support.

For now, I enjoy my free days at home 🙂