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Life, you surprise me…

24 Jun

On Tuesday, I received a call about a job. The job is in one of the top company in the province. I was so sad that I didn’t do my internship there. They asked me a few questions and they would call me back if they were interested. I knew they wouldn’t call back because she said that she was looking for someone with an experience of 2 or 3 years. We will call it Job C

Then later during the day, I received a call for an interview. So on Wednesday I went to the interview in the big city. It was to be a head hunter. Honestly I don’t think I like it. So he told me that there will be 2 others interviews and they would call if I make it to the second interview.

Then yesterday, it’s on  Thursday that everything happened. It was around 10 am. and the head hunter agency called me. They said that they had a small contract, really close to my home, 3 weeks and they were paying 18 $ an hour. It was to start on Monday and I had to go to the interview this afternoon. I was really excited because it was in the field of my dreams ; aviation. So she said that she would call back to tell me the hour of the interview. 1 p.m and she still haven’t call back. I move on and tell myself that it didn’t work it.

1h20 p.m. : Job C called, they want me to go the first interview of 2 on Tuesday. I was so excited so I said ok yes Tuesday 10 am.

1h25 p.m. the head hunter call me : ” your interview is at 3h30”, and that at this moment I did mess up. I said okay..but I have an interview for a permanent job on Tuesday. She said oh no problem since it’s 3 weeks at the aviation job.

So I went at the aviation job, and she greeted me saying, you have an interview on Tuesday. I knew It was over. She said oh but we understand, we wouldn’t keep you from a full-time job since here it’s only 3 months. I was like 3 months ? I thought it would be 3 weeks. The head hunter told me 3 weeks. So If I had been smarter, I would have told the aviation job that if I get the job I wouldn’t go to the Job c interview.

So the aviation job is over I guess, now its all on the Job C. But I don’t feel good. If I don’t get job C, I won’t have anything. During summer there won’t be a lot of job. But then I tell myself maybe the aviation job wouldn’t have taken me  since they had two other candidates. I don’t know… Well I made a mistake and I have to move on.