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my love life

15 Jul

The worst question you can ask me is : So how is your love life ?

I’m so ashamed, but in 3 weeks I will be 22 and I never have been kissed by a guy. A lot of person ask me how my love life, how many boyfriend I had. I always answer a big fat lie ; oh you know I never have got into a serious relationship. Some persons that were close to me even thought that I was a lesbian. My mom and some other persons around me know all about the different boys that I liked.

At 22, I’m making a late entrance in the dating market and I can be seen as a weirdo. I’m so afraid to be judge, that’s the only thing that does annoy me but honestly, I’m not sad because I never had a boyfriend.

Why I never had one ? Well first since high school, kids would make fun of me and the only friends that I had were girls. I was so shy to be around boys. Then during my college years, well I had no life and never went to a single party. I don’t go out. So I can blame myself for the situation.

 Right now as July 15, 2011, I would like to be in a relationship but I’m  so scare. I am so afraid to tell a guy that I never kissed anyone and that I’m a virgin. Also, I always think about getting a job, I don’t have a lot of money so I think I could be in a relationship at this moment but I hope it happen soon.

I don’t want to be alone all my life, I want to get married and have kids.