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37 thoughts that lead to reflection

31 Jan

Let’s have a positive post to end january 2010

Here are thoughts that I received in an email. They are originally written in french and sadly I didn’t write them but I would like to share them with my readers. I might write some of them in my notebook.

1-Do not deprive anyone of hope this may be the only thing that anyone has.

2-Don’t take any decisions when you are mad

3-Monitor your physical posture

4-Do not pay for work before it is completed

5-Beware of the one who have nothing to lose   

6-Don’t hope life to be fair

 7-Do not fear losing a battle if it leads you to win the war

8-Do not leave things unresolved. Do what needs to be done just as it should be done

9-Don’t be scare to say ‘’I don’t know’’ and ‘’I regret’’

 10-Watch the sunrise at least once a year

11-Look people in the eye
12-Say “Please” and “thank you” often
13-Spend less than you earn Continue reading