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My years at the university

1 Jun

If I could choose words to describe my college years it would be : lack of sleep, being proud of myself, hope, sadness, being broke, commuter transportation, friendship, challenges.

That’s right the 2 years and a half that I was in college were fill with all kind  of emotions. I remember my first day at the university. It was my worst class even, I did hate the teacher, met mean girls and got a D as a final note. But also I remember how proud I was when I got my first A. I was so happy. In my program, there was so many courses. At the end, I had 27 differents courses. I hated a few  and I loved a lot of them. One thing I never got rid of it, was procrastination. Each semester I told myself, okay this semester I will ghave a nice schedule and never be at the last minute. Until this april 2011, I always completed my papers around 2.am. in the morning  🙂

One thing that was hard it was that I took 5 classes each semester, that why I got my diploma so fast. 1/3 of my promotion didn’t finish yet the program because they took 4 classes at the time. So I’m happy that I did this sacrifice and I hold a bachelor degree at 21 years old.

In my college years I met really nice friends that I think I will keep for a long time. We are all so different but that what make our friendship so interesting. I know one of them since my second day of class at university. We tell each other everything about ourselves.

Another memory that I keep is about  the hours that I spent in the train. Each day It would take me 4h to go and come back home and I spent so many hours in the train where I met a lot of nice people and some people who you don’t want to meet but most of the time it was nice people. I slept in train, had a chat with some persons, read, listened to music, laugh, and even cried (someone asked me about a test and I got a D, I couldn’t keep the tears away from my eyes haha)

Even If I did woke up at 5h30, did study until 2 a.m. and sometimes even wanted to give up, I’m so happy about what I have accomplished and I can’t wait to go on that stage on June 14.